Wealth Master Gold

This is a savings instrument that is geared towards achieving short-term savings goals. It can be started with a minimum of J$10, 000.00 followed by weekly, bi-weekly or monthly instalments at a special interest rate.


  • Competitive interest rates 
  • Interest calculated daily and applied quarterly
  • Earn while you save 
  • No restriction to a maturity date
  • Withdrawals allowed at any time without a penalty
  • Prudent Financial Management 
  • You can reinvest your savings with us


  • Deposit your payments on time
  • Must save at least J$500.00 weekly, J$1,000.00 bi-weekly or $2,000.00 monthly

Christmas Club

The Christmas Club is an eleven (11) month savings plan designed to help you save in advance towards your Christmas Expenses. You will deposit a minimum of $200 weekly from January through to November of the same year. The plan will mature on the 30th of November each year at which point you can access all of your savings along with a special bonus interest from First Regional Co-operative Credit Union Limited. 


  • Make payments each month. If one payment is missed, it has to be deposited along with the next payment that becomes due. 
  • If you choose to discontinue your savings before November, interest will only be paid on the amount deposited at the time the account lapsed. 

Paadna Plan

The Credit Union's PAADNA PLAN is a savings account that gives members the opportunity to save toward a short-term goal through consistent weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments for a period of up to 48 weeks. 

Key features and benefits include:

  • A bonus payment at the end of the plan
  • “No fee” savings instrument
  • Convenient instalment periods: weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Minimum instalment of J$500.00 weekly, J$1,000.00 bi-weekly or $2,000.00 monthly
  • You may have several Paadna Plans at the same time

Permanent Shares

A Permanent Share represents a member's ownership of, or equity in the Credit Union. Permanent Shares increase the Capital of the Credit Union and allow it to undertake expansion and enhancement of services to members.

Each member must have Permanent Shares of J$2,500.00.