Golden Harvest Savings/Goal Enabler

This Plan is offered through your Credit Union by CUNA Caribbean Insurance Jamaica Ltd. and is ideal for achieving medium to long term financial goals. 

The goal amount is insured by CUNA Caribbean Insurance Jamaica Ltd who will pay the difference between the contracted goal amount and the sum already saved by the member if the member should die or become totally and permanently disabled provided applicable conditions are met. 

Benefits and Special Features:

  • Designed for your financial success with excellent returns and guaranteed protection
  • Insurance available at no direct cost to you
  • No minimum savings goal
  • No minimum monthly deposit
  • The maximum savings goal insured is determined according to your needs and subject to First Regional’s contract limit
  • Once you have reached your savings goal, you can cash in for a lump sum and start making your dream a reality
  • Available to members aged fifteen  to sixty-five (15 – 65) years

Here is an example of how the Golden Harvest/Goal Enabler Savings Plan helps you to achieve your goals:

 Your savings goal for the next five (5) years                                     $1,000,000

 You become totally and permanently disabled                                    $100,000

 or pass away but you have only saved

 You or your beneficiary receives:

 Total Amount saved                                                                             $100,000

 PLUS the total insured balance                                                          $ 900,000

 Total pay-out                                                                                   $1,000,000