Mortgage Loans

Walk into your Dream Home with a First Regional Mortgage!

  • Low and competitive interest rate
  • Up to Twenty-five (25) years to repay and
  • Build wealth while repaying your loan 

Please review your checklist

  • Executed Agreement for Sale (where purchase is being effected)
  • Valuation Report – on site & for addition 
  • Surveyor’s Report 
  • Copy Title Initially and then Duplicate Certificate of Title
  • Estimate of work to be done
  • Proof of Insurance Coverage (Life and Fire & Peril)
  • Parish Council Approval/Include plan/floor area 
  • Certificate of the Payment of Taxes
  • Proof of Age 
  • Job Letter
  • Three (3) last pay slips if paid monthly, six (6) if paid fortnightly or twelve (12) if paid weekly
  • First Regional’s Declaration of Income and other supporting financial documents (for self-employed members)
  • Paid up Utility Bills 
  • Identification
  • Tax Registration Number (TRN)
  • Passport sized photo
  • Photograph of property
  • Proof of Purpose
  • Credit Report Fee of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00) 


  1. Evidence maintenance payment and other outgoings are up to date.
  2. Secondary Peril Insurance of Property
  3. Evidence of Strata Insurance


How many tenants and how much does each pay?

A processing fee will also be applicable

N.B. You may also use real estate you already own to lower the cost of borrowing for other expenses such as weddings, education, debt consolidation, business investment etc. 


Our “Phone A Loan” Representatives are waiting for your call.  Dial 876-707-2048/2058 or visit a Branch near you.