Eugene Gene – Tour Operator

I remember checking around at other banks trying to get a loan to purchase my bus. I had $500,000 and they said I needed more collateral. I went to First Regional’s St. Ann’s Bay Branch and they approved my loan for $1,500,000.00. I was able to purchase my bus and since then I have recommended First Regional to other people and have taken a second loan, a third loan…..and enjoyed the benefits. This my bank, First Regional is a family to me. They do for me what only my mother would do. They are like a mother; always looking out for their children.

Dorothy Brown (mother) and Daneille Brown (daughter)

When I reflect on the four (4) years doing the University of Technology’s Bachelor of Business Administration Programme, I conclude that the experience molded me in unprecedented ways for my career. In retrospect, I could not have made it this far without the help of First Regional Co-operative Credit Union Limited. It was with their help that my mother was able to finance my studies year after year for me to realize my dream of tertiary education. There is a sense that furthering the education of the youth matters to them and I would like to think this is because their soul has been deepened and enriched by the dignity of helping others.

As such, my mother and I extend our wholehearted thanks to First Regional Co-operative Credit Union Limited for their assistance. We pray that you will continue to satisfy the financial needs of your members and provide them with opportunities to realize their life’s aspirations and dreams.

Marie Reid (Entrepreneur)

First Regional Co-operative Credit Union is basically home to me when it comes on to getting cash. We have become a family - the staff are exceptional and have become my family. I am building my house and the Credit Union came to my rescue by helping me to take care of my expenses. They are convenient and friendly to deal with.

Demar McKenzie – Medical Student at the University of the West Indies

Upon joining First Regional Co-operative Credit Union, I have had world-class experiences of customer service across the board. The staff at the Credit Union are very courteous and genuinely care about your concerns, making every effort to help solve our problems through the various services offered.

First Regional Co-operative Credit Union have long been serving the community in an attempt to facilitate growth and development, which is of utmost importance in helping persons like myself, of a poor socioeconomic background. Growing up in a less privileged family has not only offered financial and academic challenges, but have also helped me in realizing the true value of getting an education. First Regional Co-operative Credit Union have not only acknowledged the need to assist me in achieving my goals but have started an initiative that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark in my life, as well as the many other scholars. I currently have a long-term savings account at the Credit Union and was able to get assistance from their Tertiary Level Bursary Programme. They are practical solutions and feasible solutions to my school expenses.

In my deepest and darkest moments, what really got me through were simple words of prayers, most times “Thank you, I leave all things in your hands,” but this time my prayer was “Help!” First Regional Co-operative Credit Union was only one prayer away. I can proudly say that I am a recipient of their 2017/2018 Tertiary Level Bursary, among many others from primary and secondary school level, which has given me a ray of hope as I strive for success. I am a fourth-year medical student at the University of the West Indies pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) in the faculty of Medical Sciences, and the Credit Union has helped me in putting my best life forward as I maximize my potentials.

For those joining the Credit Union, you have made the best possible choice. It is the place with solutions to fit your budget. Utilize the plans and reap the benefits. First Regional Co-operative Credit Union has proven to me that they not only give me interest on my money, but indeed show interest in me. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to them for their generosity, and I truly hope that they will continue to be the light to those in the shadows of the dark. You shall forever be in my heart.

Annette Harvey – Office Manager

Over the years First Regional has benefited me a lot. I pay my loans long before they are due and my children have benefitted from the Credit Union tremendously. My older daughter completed university with the help of the Credit Union and now her younger sister is abroad studying because of the Credit Union. The Credit Union has helped me to make their educational dreams come through.

Theanell Lambie – Concierge

First Regional has allowed me to come out of a lot of debt. I was able to purchase my car – dream come through, refinance my debts and do home improvement.

Shawn Seymour – Taxi Operator

First Regional is the best financial place in Jamaica. Most banks request things people do not have but the Credit Union way is easier. They care for everybody, I was able to purchase my taxis (a dream come through) because of First Regional Credit Union.

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