First Regional Co-operatve Credit Union Limited: Scholarship Awards August 2017

The 2017 staging of First Regional Co-operatve Credit Union's Scholarship Awards went down as a tremendous success. The organizaton used the opportunity to reafrm its long standing positon in supportng the sustainable development of Jamaica by empowering young individuals to rise above their circumstances

Excellency has been a hallmark of the credit union's culture over the years, therefore retaining once again the Mega Credit Union award as well as Parish Credit Union award came as no surprise in 2016. In light of that the organizaton was empathetc towards the many candidates who applied for bursaries and scholarships. It was their mere self-motvaton and a resilience to succeed that has led to their journey at this functon

Corporate Social Responsibility programme:
The credit union believes that this initatve is an important calendar event for the organizaton as it illuminates the true essence of the core functons of the organizaton. This is the place "Where you get interest on your money and Interest in You".

The credit union stands loyal to its bond with its community members, partcularly, those of St. Ann and St. Mary and employs its family concept marketng by catering to the needs of members and by extension family of members, the only regret each year is that of not doing more.

To this end the credit union will be commited to annually making this avenue open to all its members who qualify to access these awards. GSAT Scholarships for students in the Parishes of St. Ann and St. Mary or whose parents work in Jamaica's Hospitality industry and Tertary Level Bursary will be available for members entering their second year or beyond at a recognized tertary insttuton.

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