September 22, 2016
CEO Ms. Patricia Smith and Centre Manager, Mrs. Velma Monteith (right, bending) interact with two students as they test the just-donated computers

First Regional Co-operative Credit Union has donated two computers to the Women's Centre of Jamaica Foundation (St. Ann's Branch) to help the young women at that facility prepare for their CSEC Exams. The young women will be taught through Skype from the Centre's Kingston branch, and will be sitting a number of subjects including Mathematics; English Language, Biology and Social Studies. The donated computers will help the students access these classes.

In a brief address, CEO Patricia Smith said the donation of the computers represented First Regional's expression of support and encouragement to the young ladies attending the Women's Centre. She urged them to make use of the opportunities for education, instruction and training in order to acquire the skills and confidence to go forward in the world.

The Women's Centre addresses the problems of interrupted education among girls 17 years and younger who are forced to drop out of school because of pregnancy. Centre Manager, Velma Monteith welcomed the computer donation. She thanked First Regional, and noted that there had been many success stories among teen mothers attending the Centre, as a number of them had gone on to pursue tertiary studies. .